Archives for June 2011

We Hired An Au Pair

It’s official, we hired an Au Pair! I never thought I’d want a nanny or an au pair for that matter. However, sometimes what you want changes when you’re in the situation. 13 month old baby Kai having a little snick snack After a month of interviewing nannies, au pairs and lots of talking we […]

Kai Chillin in Chicago

Sporting a pose with daddy’s help Loving my sunglasses on our walk to Meet Plan Go tweet up in Chicago Riding the L train in Chicago on a hot day Waiting for the train with our Chicago friends Daddy pointing to his senior picture at his 20 year high school reunion in Chicago Baby Kai […]

Six Reasons Why I Love Bikram Yoga

Recently, a dear friend of mine emailed me to ask what it is I love about the Bikram yoga? I’ve been traveling, sick and recovering so haven’t had a chance to respond. David, here is what I love about the Bikram yoga: Dazed and confused immediately after a bikram yoga class (notice the steam coming […]

Is A Flight Attendant’s Schedule Flexible Or Is That My Imagination

Taking a 5 minute break before we board our next flight I have been back at work for 10 weeks now as an on call flight attendant. There have been good moments and a lot of uncertain moments. The scheduling dilemma that I face on a week to week basis is enough to give someone […]

Stay At Home Mom Hours vs Working Mom Hours

Cruising around downtown Chicago after a little deep dish pizza Lately, I’m wondering what the hours are for a stay at home mom? Since returning to work as an on call flight attendant two months ago, I find myself wondering when do I get time off? Of course, decent layovers can be “my time” but […]