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My Top Ten Baby Articles

I can hardly believe that baby Kai is 11 months old today! Having a baby has been the ride of my life. Traveling and working out as much as possible with little or no sleep has been quite an adventure. Thank god for the 8 month turn around. (where Kai started sleeping through the night) […]

Grocery Shopping With A Baby

I think baby Kai is the best grocery shopping buddy. He’s almost 11 months and loves sitting in the cart. Kai flirts with everyone who walks by so shopping is pretty social. I love giving him an orange to smell and watching him open his mouth and start nibbling. He isn’t old enough to ask […]

Bikram Yoga While Breastfeeding-Is it Okay?

Before baby Kai, I was an avid bikram yoga goer. When I was pregnant, I stopped going to bikram yoga and took up power vinyasa instead. Surprisingly, my progressive Doctor said running and bikram yoga was fine while pregnant. I was cool with power yoga, running and spinning but I drew the line about bikram […]