Archives for January 2011

Omsi is Fun for Everyone

Once Kai found the balls at Omsi he couldn’t put them down. It was amazing to see the children’s playroom at Omsi in Portland! There was a craft area, an infant area, a live reptile area and many other kid friendly learning stations. I had a blast watching Kai play in the infant area. I […]

Santa Monica as a Tourist

Baby Kai had a great time exploring the hotel lobby in Santa Monica. Kai digging Lily’s ball at a playdate in Bel Air. My longtime friend Molly hosted her mommy group which ended up being 10 babies and 10 first time mamas! It was a blast for me and for Kai. Sean and Kai soaking […]

When Did I Become A Pessimist?

I used to be the most positive, enthusiastic person I knew. Sure I indulged in coffee and chocolate but mostly I heard “no” as a challenge and rarely accepted it as an end result. I’m not sure when it changed? But it has definitely changed. Don’t get me wrong, I still consider myself positive and […]

The First Baby Tooth Is Cute but So Sharp!

Finally, baby Kai cut his first tooth! I think he was teething aggressively for a month. Drooling, putting everything in his mouth, waking up alnight-the usual teething symtoms. I was so excited to feel and then see his upper front tooth bust through the gums a few days ago. Along with that first tooth came […]

Travel Tips For Packing And International Flights With A Baby

First of all, packing for a month long trip overseas with a baby seems like a very important task. It was but I learned a lot. 1. Bring half the stuff and twice the money is great advice I didn’t listen to this piece of wisdom as I packed all 16 of our new and […]