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Rusks Are For Babies Like Bones Are For Dogs

We’ve been in New Zealand for four glorious days and are loving every minute. I’ve seen lots of babies gnawing on their teething rusks. It’s like a really hard piece of bread. Seems genius to give a teething baby a “rusk”to chew on and quite similar to giving a dog a bone if you ask […]

Medicine Can Be A Baby Mama’s Best Friend

I grew up rarely going to the Doctor. Got my teeth cleaned every 6 months but we had to be half dead before we went to the Doctor. Anyway, I have a little bit of that in me now. Ignore it and maybe it’ll go away. For the past 2-3 weeks baby Kai has been […]

Leif Is My Lover

Ahhh, I’ve had highs and lows with Leif. Mostly high but plenty of “low” moments. Like running 13 miles in the rain on a Wednesday morning when there aren’t a lot of others. Recently, I was thrilled to introduce baby Kai to Leif Erikson, my favorite running trail in Portland. The Leif Erikson running trail […]