Archives for December 2010

Avocado Stands In New Zealand Are Like Lemonade Stands in the US

I’ve been craving avocado on toast ever since we visited an avocado farm last week in Whakatane, New Zealand. We toured around the farm, nearly 750 avocado trees and then munched on toast with avocado (spread like butter) and sea salt. Lots of avocado stands along the side of the road. I was delighted when […]

Beaver-Baby Kai’s First Babysitter In Ohope Beach, New Zealand

Beaver is like a mascot in Ohope Beach, New Zealand. He owns and operates the only surf school and board hire shop on Ohope Beach. Sean and I met him last year on our 4 month trip and rented boards and wetsuits from him for a week. It was fun to see a his familiar […]

Co-sleeping With Baby Kai In New Zealand

Funny how I had all of these ideas on how it would be when baby Kai was born. Even funnier how most of them have taken an entirely new meaning now that Kai is on the outside. I remember crib shopping while pregnant thinking that it wasn’t in the cards for baby Kai to sleep […]

Scoot, Scoot, Scoot

It’s official, baby Kai is M O V I N G! I’ve heard it called the army crawl but I prefer my mom’s nickname of “Scoot.” It’s more like a one arm scoot though. He stretches his right arm over his head and palms the floor with his right hand while his left arm and […]

Renting A Movie In New Zealand Is Easy

Yesterday we went over the hill to watch movies in the big town of Whakatane. (About a 5 min drive from Ohope Beach) I watched the new release Due Date, which was hilarious while Sean and Kai cruised the strand (about 4 blocks of shops). Then the husband watched Tron: Legacy while Kai and I […]