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A Baby Bottle And A Condom Are More Alike Than Different

As I write this post, Baby Kai is a healthy 6 1/2 months old. He also has no desire to take the bottle, binky or anything other than the boob. We’ve tried different bottles, different locations, different positions, with me, without me and he clearly isn’t interested in the bottle. But, he’s a happy, healthy […]

23 Days Until New Zealand!

Omg! I am so pumped for our upcoming trip to New Zealand! I found myself packing and repacking my bag in my mind today. We are traveling to Ohope Beach on the North Island for December. After two flights (totaling 16 hours) it’s ONLY a 4 hour drive from Auckland. I’m planning on buying one […]

The Weirdest Spin Class I’ve Ever Been To

It was Baby Kai’s first time at daycare. I wanted to do a dry run before I taught my class on Wednesday. It all started with a bang as he woke up from his nap and only wanted a “little snack” from me. I wanted to give him a full feeding so he would be […]

Ideas on Where And When To Have Sex When Traveling With A Baby

I know, I know there are two SEX camps post baby. One camp can’t get enough and the other camp is secretly hoping your partner will “take care of themself.” Luckily, I fall into the first camp so my burning question is “When and where can we have sex when traveling with a baby.” Especially […]

The “Wet Spot” has an entirely new meaning with a baby

I remember giggling when my mom first joked about how nobody likes the “wet spot” in the bed. I can’t remember the context of what was said but there’s usually a hint of many things in her jokes. Over the years, I’ve used that saying here and there. If someone spills water on the bed, […]