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Yes, I am still Teaching Spin Class while Pregnant!

I wonder why I’ve waited so long to write about the number one question I get while being pregnant.  “How long will you teach spin class?”  As the weeks go on and my belly grows bigger, my students get more and more curious as to when I’ll take my “maternity leave” from teaching spin classes.  […]

Love being pregnant but won’t miss these 5 things.

Overall, I’ve had a great pregnancy but just to KIR (keep it real) I wanted to share a few things that I won’t miss. 1.  My inner thighs being way too friendly and rubbing together when I walk. 2.  Not being able to go anaerobic while teaching spin class. 3.  Waking up every 2 hours […]

Our Last Doula Meeting…It’s the home stretch

We picked our doula about a month ago and had our second and final pre-labor meeting.  Her name is Melissa Jean Haskins and she is with Renaissance Doulas  in Portland, OR.   Because life and birth are so mysterious they always team up in pairs.  Our back up doula is named Erica Matteson and she is […]

Welcome to the Club

I’ve been in such a Baby Fever Blur that I didn’t notice the unspoken Kid Club.  My husband and I were on a walk in NE Portland and got the “look” from a mom with two little ones.  He noticed it and mentioned how people with kids look at us and treat us differently with […]

Vivid Dreams

Wow, I read about having vivid dreams while pregnant but didn’t realize their intensity.  Without rhyme or reason I can have the most intense dreams these days.  They might include family, friends or random people from the street.  They could be rated G or (snicker snicker) rated R.  They ALL  feel so real.  Sometimes, I […]