I was getting tons of emails from Cord Blood companies after I entered a few sweepstakes for free baby stuff.  So, no wonder I thought it was a scam when I first heard of Cord Blood companies.  After studying the companies and their services I became intrigued.  First, I thought what an excellent business.  The cord blood is collected from the disposable umbilical cord immediately after birth.  Second, there is zero risk to mom or baby as the stem cells from the blood are collected after the baby is born and the cord is cut.  The stem cells in the umbilical cord blood are a perfect match for the baby in the event they might be needed down the road.  Currently, there are 70-80 diseases that can be helped with stem cells from the cord blood.

There are two major choices when deciding to collect cord blood.  First, do you want to donate it or preserve it for your own baby.  Next, which company do you want to pay to collect and preserve the stem cells? The two major cord blood companies in the US are Cord Blood Registry and ViaCord.  After plenty of research and a few phone calls we decided to go with Cord Blood Registry http://www.cordblood.com/?fbid=gXLSb42HYRE .  The prices of the two companies were very similiar with maybe $100 difference.  I asked for a better discount and received an extra $250 off just for asking.  In addition, we paid for 18 years of storage and saved an extra $400.  When it was all done and said we both agreed that we hope to God we never need it but if we did, we’ll have it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on cord blood collection!