Like everyone said, “Enjoy it, because it’ll go fast.” That’s the honest to god truth. Kai will be 5 months old on September 30th and it’s been a whirlwind. I’ve been meaning to write because I have so many great topics to write about but it’s gotten away from me. I had over 300 spam comments so I know it’s been awhile.

Here’s a quick overview of my new life as a baby mama:

*Kai is weighing in at a whopping 17pounds these days so I’m definitely getting a workout. He’s a happy, velcro baby. (smiles a lot and likes to be held)

*My 2 years off from being a flight attendant is coming to an end. I have mixed feelings about returning to work but think that it’ll be a wonderful thing in the end.

*Baby Kai still refuses the bottle and insists on the boob. Forget about the Binky,  he wants nothing to do with anything other than the boob.

*I’m gorging myself with food to stay on top of breastfeeding while working out.

*My hair is falling out in ridiculous amounts.

*I keep getting my period even though I’m exclusively breastfeeding. Annoying. Supposedly, getting your period 3 months postpartum when you’re exclusively breastfeeding is rare.

*It’s still hard to do it all. Emails, phone calls and thank you cards take the biggest delay as I use my itty-bitty me time to read my book. Currently reading Freedom with my mom and Oprah. :)