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Baby Sleep Schedule-Is It For Me Or Them?

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I honor a very tight sleep schedule for the twins. I did the same thing with Kai and am so happy that I did. Is the baby sleep schedule for the babies? Absolutely! Is the baby sleep schedule for me? Definitely! However, there are many days where I […]

Grateful For My Inpatient Stay With My MoMo Twins

One year ago this Saturday, I checked myself into the hospital for aggressive fetal monitoring for my high risk Momo pregnancy. I was scared, but wanted to do whatever I could to potentially help our unborn identical twin girls. I can barely think about the details of that day and the following 31 days of […]

How To Travel Well With Babies

Recently, we took the circus to Maui. It was our first real vacation as a family of five. Traveling with twin infants and a 3 year old is pretty wild but I came up with a list of five must haves to make it easier on mama. 1. Ipad The Ipad was only meant for […]

Introducing Our Identical Twin Girls; Blaize and Pepper

My babydolls are 10 weeks old today! Born at 32 weeks after a rocky MoMo pregnancy, I’m happy to say that they are both 7+ pounds. Pepper and Blaize

Breastfeeding Babies In The Nicu Requires A Lot Of Dedication

I am officially a milk maid again. This time, I’m a pumping milk maid though. Yes, we are practicing breastfeeding at least twice a day in the Nicu but the majority of breast milk is delivered via their feeding tubes. Holding my miracle momo babies together for the first time!