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Spin Classes At Les Mills Gym In Auckland New Zealand

Luckily, I met a woman at the Whakatane spin class who suggested I check out the Les Mills spin classes in Auckland. I had no idea how big and popular they were so was titilated when I learned there were 66 bikes in the room! Wow, this was the biggest spin class I’ve ever seen. […]

White Island Volcano – New Zealand

White Island is New Zealand’s only active marine volcano and is only a hop, skip and jump away from Whakatane. (49k from Whakatane, which is usually a 90 min boat ride) After the 2 hour “bumpy” boat ride, I was ecstatic to arrive at White Island. The night before the trip White Island Tour called […]

New Zealand Summer

As summer comes to a close in New Zealand, we’ve been reflecting on what an awesome experience it’s been. Play Day at Lake Rotoma Digging At West End- Ohope Beach, New Zealand Pool Party Date Day at West End, Ohope Beach Pony love at Playcentre

Yumm Sauce In New Zealand

Women in Ohope Beach, New Zealand make everything from scratch. Or least, all of my friends do. Fresh, fresh, fresh. Sure I love to eat healthy but have been amazed by my mama friends who make everything from scratch. One of my mama friends gave me an idea to make my own yumm sauce since […]

Rolling It Out Everyday In New Zealand

Kai and I sharing the foam roller in our living room. I’ve been a huge fan of the foam roller for years! I used to like it for my legs and still do but the real treat is that it pops my back. Of course, when we got to New Zealand, I immediately started searching […]