Can you be an awesome spin instructor and yoga teacher?

No. Or I haven’t met you yet. Rarely do I get to experience a yoga/spin teacher.

Taking a spin class as a student

When I find an incredible yoga teacher who also teaches spin I’ve often wondered how does that work? Recently, I experienced this situation first hand.

Let me start with myself. I’ve been teaching spin for 14 years and still love it. When I teach spin I think it shows how much I love it. I take every class to heart and give it 100% effort. I also have yoga certifications and have taught yoga previously. I’d say I’m a basic yoga teacher because I’m not super bendy or knowledgable with sanskrit. I feel like my spin style overrides my yoga style which turns the yoga class into more of a “workout,” which can be good for the right crowd.

In order for me to think you’re an awesome yoga or spin instructor you have to look the part, play the part and BE the part. That’s where yoga and spin collide like cold, old soy milk in coffee. It just doesn’t blend as nice as fresh cream in coffee. In my opinion, there’s a certain style or energy that people omit and rarely does that energy jive with teaching yoga and spin. For example, when I’m taking a spin or yoga class, I want to be inspired and entertained. I want to learn something or see something new or interesting. Maybe it’s a song in spin class or a different way to describe how I’m feeling. Maybe, it’s the instructor demonstrating a pose in a yoga class or a new perspective with my situation.

While traveling, I’ve had the opportunity to be a student again and find myself rating and observing teachers as if its my job. Did she start on time? Does he seem interested in our session, is he prepared? Is she engaging, is the music from this decade?

In my experience, if you are an awesome yoga teacher you CAN’T be an awesome spin instructor and vice versa. I’m just saying…

Love to hear if you’ve had a different experience though.