Going back to work as an “on call” or “reserve” flight attendant has been a huge family effort. We’ve been talking and planning it for a long time. Most people ask me while they scrunch up their face, how will you do this? Can you continue breastfeeding while being a flight attendant? What does it mean when you’re on call as a flight attendant? What will baby Kai do because he doesn’t care for the bottle? I’ve been telling people for months that I’m not exactly sure how it will work but we’re gunna try.

Currently, I am on my first trip or assignment after 2 1/2 years off. I was given a four day trip to Alaska. Basicially, it means that I will be away for 4 whole days or part of that time. For this particular trip, I left Saturday night and will be home Tuesday morning. Not too bad for a 4 day trip. I had sticky notes all over my house reminding me to pack my breast pump backpack. I am still breastfeeding Kai 4-6 times a day so definitely needed my pump to keep our nursing relationship going. I feel lucky that I received this trip because there is a lot of down time. Which helps me avoid pumping in the airplane bathroom. I’m sure that time will come so why rush? Like anything in life there are pros and cons. This 4 day trip has lots of layover time which could be seen as a pro. However, the early morning/late night red eye flights are a con for me. That schedule makes sleep erratic and tough to rest.

So far, the biggest buzz kill has been no fridge in my Fairbanks hotel room where I was for 28 hours. I ordered extra ice buckets and made trips to the ice machine. It worked just fine, much better than I expected. Luckily, there is a fridge in my Anchorage hotel room so as long as I don’t forget my 50 ounces of pumped breast milk, I’ll be good.

At 11 months old, Kai took 5 1/2 ounces out of a bottle from his daddy. I am pumping, packaging and chilling milk like the milk factory that I am. :) My 3am wakeup call this morning was brutal because I couldn’t sleep last night. So the red eye flight back to Portland tonight should be interesting. The good news is that the milk is still flowing and I’m on my way to bikram yoga in Anchorage. Going to get my yoga buzz!