Breastfeeding baby Kai has been the biggest commitment. Definitely worth it but a bigger commitment than I thought. In the beginning, it was a process as we both figured out how to do it. Now, it’s easy to do but challenging to keep up. I think if I was  a little bigger and didn’t like to workout so much it’d be easier. I thought I’d love getting a free pass to eat whatever I want while breastfeeding but not so much. There were times when I did enjoy that freedom with food. However, I find I’m talking myself into decadent food these days as I naturally gravitate toward healthy food. That being said I still make sure to hit Burgerville up 3x’s a week and will devour a monster cookie while I’m grocery shopping at Whole foods, so that I have an empty bag in the checkout line. For some reason it always felt better when I was pregnant to appear so hungry that I couldn’t wait to pay for it first.

My Hair is Falling Out in huge clumps. I read about your hair growing like crazy while pregnant and vaguely remember it being mentioned that it’ll fall out postpartum. That’s an understatement. Of course, hair falls out when you wash and brush it but I’m talking about a whole different animal. Huge clump after clump and day after day. I swear it’s been like this for over a month. I feel lucky that I have thick hair otherwise I’d be screwed. I now understand why women cut their hair short after having a baby. Convenience and because it probably looks better short after losing half of it.

Baby Sign Language class has been a blast! We have the book and DVD and started to memorize signs when Kai was first born. That lasted for about 2 weeks. Recently, I enrolled us in a baby sign language class with 9 other babies. Kai loves looking at the other babies and is recognizing the songs that we sign and sing to him. When we sing the songs now, he immediately gets giddy and smiles like crazy. Huge smiles and little giggles are the best reward to being a baby mama!