I am officially a milk maid again. This time, I’m a pumping milk maid though. Yes, we are practicing breastfeeding at least twice a day in the Nicu but the majority of breast milk is delivered via their feeding tubes.

Holding my miracle momo babies together for the first time!

Typically, premature babies don’t learn the suck, swallow breathe technique until 34-36 weeks of gestation or life. Since, our baby dolls were born at 32 weeks they are still learning how to nurse. It takes tremendous effort for both of us! I pump every 2-3 hrs 24 hours a day and they get exhausted after 10-20 minutes of nursing. Recently, I learned that breastfeeding is much harder than bottle feeding for babies. Normally, Nicu babies learn to bottle feed first and then may or may not learn to breast feed at home. I’ve heard from a few friends that the transition from bottle to breast is challenging or doesn’t really work out.

Most importantly is that our baby dolls are growing well and are both a little bigger than their birth weights.

My liquid gold from one night of pumping sessions.

The good news is that my milk came in after pumping exclusively. And, after 2 weeks I have finally made enough to start stashing breast milk in the freezer-woohoo! Funny part is that I thought I might get a little rest before our baby dolls come home-Ha! Like we say at my house, it’s not for free. But boy is it worth it :)