Beaver is like a mascot in Ohope Beach, New Zealand. He owns and operates the only surf school and board hire shop on Ohope Beach. Sean and I met him last year on our 4 month trip and rented boards and wetsuits from him for a week. It was fun to see a his familiar face the first day I went for a run and passed his surf tent. As I walked up to him and said Hi Beaver, he looked a little surprised to say the least. I told him that I was from the States and met him with my boyfriend, now husband last March. He had that flash recognition in his eye and then said Wicked, where’s Sean? I caught up with him briefly and told him we’d be back later that day to rent surfboards. After a few days of Sean and I taking turns to surf, he offered up his babysitting services. Sean asked, what will you do if you get a customer? Beaver said, no worries mate, Kai will just help me rent the boards. I said super, just wave me down if you need anything. Happily, we hustled into the water for our little surf date. I love this place!