I was so excited when I found Bambinos International School online when traveling in New Zealand. We enrolled Kai for 3 days a week and I was so pumped about the Spanish Immersion program. Kai was only there for a day and 1/2.

Having a snuggle at home in the morning

The Bambino website and marketing staff was so professional which created such a positive image for me. However, sometimes it isn’t what you think it is.

I quickly remembered the effects of a toddler transitioning into a new school. Middle of the night wake ups, early morning wake ups (which makes a very grumpy toddler) and short 1 hour naps. Not to mention the dramatic drop off and pick up with a lot of emotion.

Kai having a severe tree nut allergy has stepped it up a knotch for me. It’s a little scarier especially learning that Bambinos has an on site chef who cooks ALL of the food for ALL of the children. Yes, they are a peanut free school but Kai is the first child there to have an anaphylaxis tree nut allergy so there’s a lot of nervous energy from everyone. In addition, there has only been 1 teacher in the toddler room when I drop Kai off in the morning with 7-8 other little toddlers. Yikes, that makes a new situation even more uncertain when the center told me the law is 1:4 for that age group. If Bambinos isn’t following the strict Oregon law ratio, how can I count on them to take care of Kai with his severe tree nut allergy?

For me, Bambinos Internationl School in Hood River was “good on paper, bad in person.”

I’m just saying…