We enrolled Kai into his first sign language class when he was 4 months old. He couldn’t sit up yet so it was quite tricky to hold him while singing and signing to him. I loved it though! After that class finished we re-enrolled for another 10 weeks. Honestly, the songs were a little tired for me but it was nice to practice for a designated hour every week. Around 9 or so months Kai gave me a little joy by signing milk once or twice. After that we hit a dry spell for about 3 months. I continued to sign to him but had talked myself down by thinking that he wouldn’t sign to me and that’s okay. I continued to sign the eating basics; eat, milk, more, drink and all done. Around 13 months is when he started signing all done to me. After that day, it’s been more and more signs everyday.

Kai signing more, a real favorite for him.

At, 15 1/2 months he signs everyday. Milk, more, thank you, all done, and want are all daily occurrences. I love it!

Happy signing. :)