Kai has a pretty sweet life here in New Zealand. Our typical day starts around 6:30am with some breakfast boob (yes, I am the longest “weaner” alive). Then eggs, toast and lots of water before we walk to play centre.

Kai getting his gloup on at play centre

After a 3 hour play session we race home for lunch and nap time. We either hit the beach or the pool after nap time. And, if we’re lucky some of his friends come to play in the pool and hot tub.

Kai and Ella having a soak in the hot tub

After that we might have a play upstairs in our apartment before having dinner. Last week, we even walked to the park after dinner for another play!

Kai at the playground near our apartment

Happy as a clam for the 5 min walk home after the park

Bath (shower in New Zealand), story time and beddy by. Pretty sweet day if you ask me..