Maybe, I’ll write about all the hard stuff (endless dreary Dr. appts, constant ultrasounds to check for heartbeats, no working out, subchorionic hematoma (vaginal bleeding for 2 months, Bedrest, scary trip to San Fran for consult about fetal surgery-which we didn’t need-Thank God! constant morning sickness and carpel tunnel syndrome) but not today.

Today, I’m focusing on the positive and there’s a lot of it. Our MoMo babies are doing well. We are 23 weeks and counting down the days til we meet these special little girls. Seeing our girls on weekly ultrasounds has made them so real to us. We are already extremely attached to our little babes and are doing everything we can to let them grow and develop. For the last few weeks, I’ve stepped up the pregnancy love and stepped off the reality train. Thanks to my doting husband, I’m getting a few massages a week, bi-monthly pedicures and eating everything and anything I want. I’m indulging in delicious, naughty food and living it up without the guilt. We found a nanny/mama’s helper which has been a game changer!

I’m not sure when I’ll go inpatient but it’s coming… For now, I’m enjoying all my freedom in the real world. Trips to the pool, park and movie theatre are a huge priority right now. September is a beautiful time of year and I’m soaking up all the sunny days and cool nights.

23 weeks pregnant and taking my girls for a dip in the pool.

Here’s to taking care of yourself when you’re pregnant with twins!