Omg! I am so pumped for our upcoming trip to New Zealand! I found myself packing and repacking my bag in my mind today. We are traveling to Ohope Beach on the North Island for December. After two flights (totaling 16 hours) it’s ONLY a 4 hour drive from Auckland. :)

I’m planning on buying one of those obnoxiously large roller bags that I’ve always secretly made fun of.

As far as baby gear goes, we are definitely bringing the BOB stroller, the 9 foot Sport Brella, the Ergo, the Bjorn, the Graco Sound Machine and the Summer Baby Monitor.

My latest baby gear scores for traveling are an inflatable infant tub, infant life jacket and a SPF 50 infant bodysuit.

I also downloaded some fun, free baby apps on my ipad for our flights.

Wondering about bringing Kai’s Bumbo chair and a month’s supply of diapers? My husband said, “They’ll have diapers in New Zealand.” Good point, but with no diaper rash ever-why chance a new brand of diapers? Then again packing a month’s worth of diapers sounds a little silly.

Good thing I still have 3 weeks to mull it over.